“Please Give” Opens Tomorrow April 30th – Chats with Writer/Director Nicole Holofcener, Oliver Platt and Rebecca Hall By: Steve V. Rodriguez

Writer/Director Nicole Holofcener and Catherine Keener reunited this week at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of their film, “Please Give” in New York City. The two have worked together for Holofcener’s last four films (“Walking and Talking”, “Lovely and Amazing”, “Friends with Money”) and now “Please Give” which opens this Friday April 30th. Also in […] Click to read more »

“Please Give” Nicole Holofcener’s New Film About Life’s Amusing Contraditions

“Please Give”, the new film by writer/director, Nicole Holofcener continues her look at our absurdities, contradictions and relations with each other,  always with humor and compassion for her main characters. Similar to her last 3 films, “Walking and Talking”, “Lovely and Amazing” and “Friends with Money”, she creates stories that are real and look deeper […] Click to read more »