Happiness Nutrition Tips with Elena Vasilenka – Green Juice Video Feature

Healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Elena Vasilenka has been teaching us how to tap into our inner #Happiness through various repetitive breathing exercises that not only help us heal depression from mild to deep, but also promote daily happiness. If you haven’t seen any of our 3-Minute videos you can catch up […] Click to read more »

Perfect Summertime cocktail recipe, The Americano from Social Eatz Mixologist, Orson Salicetti

Head Mixologist, Orson Salicetti, at Top Chef  Angelo Sosa’s restaurant, Social Eatz, creates the perfect Summertime cocktail, The Americano. This twist on the classic cocktail adds grapefruit juice, sage and green peppercorn for a refreshingly updated version. Get the recipe and visit Social Eatz in New York. The Americano: 1 part Campari 1 part Sweet […] Click to read more »