Bebel Gilberto performs live in Brazil for new DVD

Bebel Gilberto fuses beauty, backdrop and talent for new live DVD Photos: Patrick K. Sister

On December 5th, Bebel Gilberto chose the beautiful backdrop of Rio de Janeiro to shoot her upcoming live DVD. The free concert was shot in front of the infamous Sugar Loaf and featured exquisite sunsets to accompany the 13 track set that the artist performed, drawing from her last four albums, plus a few surprises. […] Click to read more »

CarnAval 2012 in Rio de Janiero By Patrick K. Sister

Once again I’m writing about Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Yes, it’s called Carnaval and not Carnival. The latter is a place with merry-go-rounds, Ferris-wheels and cheesy games to win your dearest a teddy bear. CarnAval is the annual party that takes place the same week as Mardi Grass. It starts on Saturday – to […] Click to read more »