Peaches Christ Brings “Family Values” to Castro With “RuPaul Drag Race” Winners

by Kevin M. Thomas Peaches Christ has spoofed and screened really bad movies for years. In her pre-show, she manages to satirize the original, while showing her love for theatre and the movies.  It’s no wonder her children of the popcorn have followed her for almost two decades. She can entertain.  The last few years she’s been […] Click to read more »

“Showgirls” Grinds On: Peaches Christ Brings The Classically Bad Movie Back to San Francisco August 23rd by Kevin M. Thomas

Peaches Christ has screened “Showgirls,” the worst reviewed movie of all time, every summer for 17 years in San Francisco. Her annual summer midnight screenings may have been spread out through the year with Christ offering up different movies to every season. But one has remained the same: the god-awful “Showgirls.” Every year, Peaches Christ […] Click to read more »

Peaches Christ Keeps Busy Beyond “Nine to Five” by Kevin M. Thomas

Joshua Grannell’s drag persona Peaches Christ has been in so many “trans”ed” up productions that her resume is as impressive as anyone on the stage today. “Showgirls,” “Mommie Dearest,” “Grey Gardens,” “Carrie,” “Silence of the Lambs,” “Death Becomes Her” and even “Xanadu” have all been camped up and brought to life on stage. With excitement surrounding every […] Click to read more »

Tawdry With Titties: “Showgirls: The Musical” succeeds as spoof by Kevin M. Thomas

If eight naked breasts and pole dancing offend you, perhaps you might skip the off-Broadway “Showgirls: The Musical” opening April 17. I for one am not easily offended,  and am quite entertained by tawdry spoofs and found this send-up to the flop movie to be thoroughly entertaining. It’s hokey, godawful, offensive and a damn good […] Click to read more »

San Francisco’s Peaches Christ brings annual “Showgirls” to the masses – complete with audience lap dances! by Kevin M. Thomas

Time to prepare for your annual lap dance at Peaches Christ’s “Showgirls”  which hits San Francisco on Saturday, August 27 at the Castro Theatre. It’s Peaches 14th annual “midnight” style screening of the classic camp terd of a film that won many Razzie Awards for the worst film of its year and decade…but we don’t […] Click to read more »