Dance Music Star Angelo D’Agostino Shows SF His Softer Side Feb. 28 by Kevin M. Thomas

Musical theatre people know him as Angelo D’Agostino. Dance music fans might just call him Angelo. But either way, Angelo is a talent to be noticed. Sure he’s got model good looks. But don’t judge this book by his cover. Angelo has become a sensation in New York and Southern California with not only fans of […] Click to read more »

“Queer Eye” Jai Rodriguez Brings His Musical Dirty Little Secrets to San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

Jai Rodriguez isn’t a household name. Yet you know his face from his Emmy winning work on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” But Rodriguez’ career doesn’t begin or end with his tenure on “Queer.” He’s returning to his roots in more ways than one as he comes back to San Francisco to the wonderful […] Click to read more »

X-Factor Finalist & SF Cabaret Star Jason Brock Bids Farewell to San Francisco this Friday as he brings his “All That Jazz” show to Society Cabaret at 8pm

Jason Brock is making a temporary farewell to San Francisco this Friday as he brings his “All That Jazz” show to Society Cabaret at 8pm. It’s been quite a whirlwind for the “X Factor” finalist as his career has really taken off since he finished with the competition show two years ago. Brock has had […] Click to read more »

“Batt” You Know His Face: Bryan Batt Makes San Francisco Debut by Kevin M. Thomas

While he’s enjoyed a rewarding and exciting career in the arts, many don’t know the name Bryan Batt. But, while he’s a Broadway and stage veteran, thanks to television he is now very recognizable due to his role on TV’s “Mad Men.” Batt is coming to San Francisco, making his Bay Area theatrical debut, in […] Click to read more »