Broadway Caliber “City of Angels” Production Is Likely SF Playhouse’s Best Work

by Kevin M. Thomas @ReelKev The San Francisco Playhouse has done the amazing. Like their current production, “City of Angels” the musical, they take us back to a time of days gone by. While “Angels” takes us back to the 1940s, the Playhouse transports us back to the early 1990s as this production is as […] Click to read more »

“View” is Far from Miserable with the Future of New Play by Kevin M. Thomas

A classic is born in the theatre world with Howard Skora’s “Miserable with an Ocean View.” His comedic masterpiece is playing in Southern California through Oct. 10, but Skora has big dreams for his play that deals with a dysfunctional Long Island family lead by the evil matriarch. With the tough subjects it tackles – […] Click to read more »

A New Lunatic Comedy, “The Singularity” Promises Plenty of Laughs, Absurdity and a Cast of Three Who Wear Many Hats – Cast Interview

“The Singularity” which opens July 30th at The Flea Theater in New York City promises plenty of laughs from this lunatic comedy written by Bay Area playwright, Crystal Jackson. Set in a dystopian future, Astrid, played by Laura Lundy-Paine is in her 40’s trying to find sperm to inseminate her as she races against the clock […] Click to read more »

For The Record: “Baz” Is Worth a Trip to Los Angeles

I hate when I come to the party late. In the case of “For The Record Live” I am years late. My friend and editor,  Vivian Meade caught “Tarantino” last year and hasn’t stopped talking about it (See Interview)  Every time a Quentin Tarantino movie is on, she makes reference to the live Los Angeles show […] Click to read more »

“Andrew Jackson” is bloody better than the “American Idiot” by Kevin M. Thomas

Rock songs are becoming the new anthems on the Great White Way and, for the most part, to great success. “Spring Awakening” and “Rent” before that have awakened a whole new form of Broadway musical – one that is filled with rock songs and edgier subject matter. Presently on Broadway is Green Day’s “American Idiot” […] Click to read more »

Invite yourself to New York’s “Big Gay Italian Wedding” by Kevin M. Thomas

I was expecting less from “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” with that knock-off title and obvious cashing in on lead actor Reichen Lehmkuhl fifteen minutes of fame as he is better known as an “Amazing Race” winner and former boyfriend of Lance Bass. But you know, if Lehmkuhl’s name will get the people to the […] Click to read more »


It used to be, to see a Broadway show you had to go to Manhattan. Or when the touring version came to town, the great Broadway star was replaced by an average TV star. Things have changed. More and more shows are having pre-Broadway runs at theatres throughout the US, making it easier to see […] Click to read more »