Incarceration is the New Black By: Kimberly Hayes

As we embark upon the latest installment of the Netflix cult-classic, Orange is the New Black, we are presented with the opportunity and necessary obligation to discuss the effects of the criminal justice system and women. The White House is holding a summit today on the United State of Women, and it brings up important […] Click to read more »

A New Lunatic Comedy, “The Singularity” Promises Plenty of Laughs, Absurdity and a Cast of Three Who Wear Many Hats – Cast Interview

“The Singularity” which opens July 30th at The Flea Theater in New York City promises plenty of laughs from this lunatic comedy written by Bay Area playwright, Crystal Jackson. Set in a dystopian future, Astrid, played by Laura Lundy-Paine is in her 40’s trying to find sperm to inseminate her as she races against the clock […] Click to read more »

BOY MEETS GIRL Takes a Fresh and Modern Spin on Discovering Love Regardless of Gender By Steve V. Rodriguez

BOY MEETS GIRL, by writer and director Eric Schaeffer takes a fresh and modern spin on the coming of age romance between a boy and a girl, which involves Ricky (Michelle Hendley),  born a boy, who now identifies as a girl, has a best friend (Michael Welch) who is a boy,  and decides to pursue a […] Click to read more »

The American Samoa Soccer Team Teaches Us Life Lessons of Perseverance and Commitment when Faced with Insurmountable Odds in “Next Goal Wins” By Steve V. Rodriguez

“Next Goal Wins” could not have premiered at a better location than the Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In outdoor theater in downtown New York, last weekend,  where audiences were treated to  beautiful sunsets of Spring, which paralleled the documentary’s story of hope and renewal of the human spirit. The true story of the American Samoa Soccer […] Click to read more »

The Documentary, “Mr. Angel” tells the Fearless Story of Buck Angel, “The Man with a Pussy” By Steve V. Rodriguez

The new documentary now making it’s way through progressive film festivals, like CineKink in New York, “Mr. Angel” is a fascinating and eye opening story of Buck Angel, a trans-man who has physically manifested his true self and labeled himself, ‘The Man with a Pussy.” Told over a six year period, the engrossing documentary’s success […] Click to read more »

The Truth About the New Documentary, “What’s The T?”

In his new documentary, Cecilio Asuncion asks the question, “What’s the T?” to a diverse pool of  transgendered women from New York to San Francisco, who are living their lives in everyday situations while pursuing their dreams. Watch the video interview below and see the film Friday at San Francisco, Frameline Film Festival. Visit: Click to read more »

Photographer, Tai Zhang intimately exposes Transgendered Jiao Jiao from China in new exhibition

In his new exhibition, Photographer Tai Zhang exposes his long-time friend from China, who after not seeing each other for several years, learns that his former dancer friend is now a woman named, Jiao Jiao.  With an opening reception on Wednesday, April 24th from 6-9 PM, Jiao Jiao: A Portrait will be running until May […] Click to read more »

“Wildness” will lure you into the culmination of opposing worlds behind the doors of Silver Platter

Wu Tsang’s new documentary, “Wildness” introduces the audience to the bar and world of, Silver Platter, in the area known as MacArther Park, in Los Angeles. Under one roof we are introduced to the owners, the Latin transgendered  community and a performance based group who throw a weekly party  called, Wildness. Together these different worlds […] Click to read more »

Go to the Doc, Stat! Oprah’s New OWN network premieres original documenatary series with “Becoming Chaz” as first installment By Frank Pond

Oprah (as in Winfrey) again shows how to take a good idea and make it even better!  After reigniting our passion for reading with the Oprah Book Club several years ago, Oprah has done it again but this time for films–specifically the art form known as the Documentary.  OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) premieres “The […] Click to read more »