The Faces and Stories of Refugee’s are told in Ai Weiwei’s New Film, HUMAN FLOW

By Steve V. Rodriguez Ai Weiwei’s new documentary, HUMAN FLOW is an eye opening reality of the world’s refugee epidemic. From shocking statistical numbers to individual faces and stories, Mr. Ai paints a vivid moving portrait of the incredulous suffering and displacement that refugees endure. As a global artist and political activist Mr. Ai utilizes […] Click to read more »

Two Rooms with a View in Turkey are enough to make it THE destination right now By Frank D. Pond

Turkey is THE destination right now.  While the economy in Turkey is running well above its European neighbors, the dollar to Turkish Lira and prices still make it a top travel stop.  One can splurge here without spending a ridiculous sum especially on sumptuous accommodations and spectacular dining out.  There are two must stops (as […] Click to read more »