Meet Gennadiy, a Savior to the Children of Ukraine Who Live on the Streets Addicted to Drugs in the Documentary, Crocodile Gennadiy By Steve V. Rodriguez

The new documentary, “Crocodile Gennadiy” which premiered at the recent Tribeca Film Festival shows a gritty and heartbreaking profile of the current realities in the Ukraine relating to displaced children who live on the streets and are addicted to drugs. There’s one man who’s made it his mission to save these children,  his name is […] Click to read more »

From Crimea to Caracas, Our Corporate Media is Still Asleep at the Wheel By Frank D. Pond

The world is either blowing up…or not…depending on which “news” source one relies upon.  GOP news, er, I mean Fox, will tell you that Obama was deficient in trusting Putin, didn’t see the crisis in Crimea (Ukraine), and has been feckless and weak in his foreign policy.  The evident proof of same seems to stem […] Click to read more »

Gender Bending Foursome, KAZAKY, Talk Style, Madonna, Spike Heels & New Album Out in June!

The electro, synth, house sensation, Kazaky, out of  the Ukraine,  are currently in New York on their, ‘Secret Mission Tour’ and took a break to talk to us about their style, working with Madonna, new material, fans and dancing their asses off wearing stilettos.  I sat down with the HOT foursome at the slick Out […] Click to read more »