PELO MALO, or BAD HAIR, is an Intimate Slice of Life Story Set Against a Volatile Venezuela Putting Forth Issues of Homophobia and Racism

PELO MALO, written and directed by Marianna Rondon, recently premiered in the States at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, touching audience’s hearts with a nonjudgemental look at a mother and son,  coping with day to day life in Caracas, Venezuela. In the story, Marta is a widowed mother trying to get her job back as […] Click to read more »

From Crimea to Caracas, Our Corporate Media is Still Asleep at the Wheel By Frank D. Pond

The world is either blowing up…or not…depending on which “news” source one relies upon.  GOP news, er, I mean Fox, will tell you that Obama was deficient in trusting Putin, didn’t see the crisis in Crimea (Ukraine), and has been feckless and weak in his foreign policy.  The evident proof of same seems to stem […] Click to read more »

Los Amigos Invisibles: REPEAT AFTER ME fuse mature musicianship w/boyish tendencies

Los Amigos Invisibles’ new album, “Repeat After Me” comes at a perfect time this Spring when the group’s native country, Venezuela,  is in such turmoil currently with the recent election aftermath that went to Chavez incumbent, Maduro by a slim margin. However, the band that once told Progressive Pulse they feel they are the B52’s […] Click to read more »