The Commissary in San Francisco is as Much Great Locally Sourced Cuisine as it is Historic Novelty By Steve V. Rodriguez

Dining at the less than year old restaurant, The Commissary by Traci des Jardines is as much a foodie delight of locally sourced Spanish influenced cuisine, as it is a history lesson of San Francisco’s Presidio district. Yes, you will delight in the seasonal cuisine that draws influence from Spain, and the tremendous impact Spanish […] Click to read more »

The Best August Wines to Sip While You Enjoy Your Summer Finale By Frank D. Pond

Summer isn’t over at all and lucky for you we have your top picks for the best end of Summer wines to sip while you keep cool. We enlisted our wine expert, Frank D. Pond to pick some of his favorite wines to sip when the heat is on. Pond loves a good dry crisp […] Click to read more »

Why you need to put Bordeaux, France on your travel radar Editorial & Photos Below By: Steve V. Rodriguez

I can honestly admit that I have come to a place in my life where I welcome the unknown and the surprises that await. By not expecting too much, I find that what is unveiled usually can be quite fulfilling in life. This past Summer my Editor and friend, Frank D. Pond and I were […] Click to read more »

The documentary, RED OBSESSION looks beyond the world’s love affair with wine and deeper into the big business from Bordeaux to China By Steve V. Rodriguez

The current documentary which was screened earlier this year at Tribeca Film Festival, “Red Obsession”, is an in depth and fascinating investigation into the business of wine, which transports the viewer from Bordeaux to China. The film, which is available for rent or purchase on Amazon and  iTunes, was directed and written by David Roache […] Click to read more »

Roasted Chicken at Papilles on Franklin

Papilles in Hollywood is a tiny little treasure of a restaurant that will awaken your tastebuds

When I told my special friend in Paris that I was going to eat at Papilles in Hollywood, he asked me if I knew what the word meant. He said, “these are the cells that capture the taste which creates the sense of taste in our mouth.” – Ahhh, tastebuds! Of course Papilles sounds much […] Click to read more »

Summer Wine Picks from New Zealand By Frank D. Pond

Developing a “Hobbit” for Great New World Wine Since we traveled to Italy last month, I thought it was high time to visit some spectacular, and spectacularly priced, wines of the New World on  In anticipation of the upcoming Hobbit trilogy, where better to go than New Zealand.  Some time ago, I put together […] Click to read more »

Top Summer Wine Picks by Frank D. Pond

When the heat of summer hits and I start thinking about running away to a beautiful place filled with great food, wine, people and fun, my thoughts almost always go to Italy.  With that in mind, I thought I would search for some spectacular options and bargains that well represented the wines of Italy […] Click to read more »