Find Out the Latest in Wellness Travel as Well as Hot Destinations for 2015 with TRAVEL TO WELLNESS Expert, Anne Dimon

  According to Travel Expert, Anne Dimon, “Wellness Travel is about traveling for the primary purpose of achieving, promoting or maintaining maximum health and a sense of well-being”.  We spoke with Dimon recently at The New York Times Travel Show, where she was speaking on the topic of Wellness Travel. She informed us that it’s the […] Click to read more »

Nutritional Sound Advice to Maximize Optimal Brain Function and Moods for Our Summer Lifestyle with Holistic Health & Nutrition Expert, Pegah Kadkhodaian

Professional holistic health and nutrition counselor and certified yoga instructor, Pegah Kadkhodaian, who is also a good friend of Progressive Pulse and who owns and operates PKNY Health,  shares with us valuable and savvy nutritional advice for our optimal Summer living, traveling and general well being. We asked Pegah to explain how nutrients affect our […] Click to read more »

Keep Up Your Workouts this Summer While You Travel with the Rubber Band Workout

Okay, so you’ve been training hard since Winter, or at least Spring and you’re about to embark on your Summer vacation travel. Do you really want to find a gym while on vacation and spend time in there? On the other hand, you don’t want to lose all the gains you’ve made and throw it […] Click to read more »

3-Minute Shoulder & Cardio Video Routine with José Fernández

  Jose Fernandez is back with another 3-Minute killer workout focusing on shoulders and cardio. The total shoulder workout will not only sculpt your muscles for Summer, but will raise your heart rate while you burn calories. Try this video workout anytime and anyplace and follow up with one of his two 3-minute killer ab […] Click to read more »

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, José Fernández is “Saving Lives” in his new book, “Salvando Vidas” Video Feature

Each day José Fernández is literally saving lives on his national Univision radio show as callers ask the nutritionist and fitness expert advice on how to eat right and stay active. In a recent visit, I was fortunate to sit in the Univision radio studion in Miami and witness first hand the lives Fernandez is saving. Callers […] Click to read more »

Circuit Fitness Video for your Summer 2013 Body

Summer is just around the corner and with busy lives that we all lead, we’ve got the perfect circuit fitness video to train your entire body, that you can do anywhere and anytime. Trainers Alejandro Terrazas and Eric Bell Jr. of Unleash Fit, have devised a total body workout, comprised of 5-exercises that you’ll need […] Click to read more »

3-Minute Crazy Abs Video for Summer 2013 by Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández

Who doesn’t want crazy abs this Summer, or at least improve our mid-section for the season that awaits? Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández is back with another 3-Minute Video routine to help strengthen our core that we can do anytime and anyplace. Fernandez recommends doing this 3-minute routine 2-3 times per week, while making sure […] Click to read more »

3-Minute NAAM Yoga Video for Setting a Daily Intention of Happiness By Elena Vasilenka

Progressive Pulse is excited to be working with healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Elena Vasilenka. If you’re not familiar with Vasilenka, you can read our Q&A to learn more about the power of NAAM Yoga and the tremendous benefits the practice has made on our new partner and host:  The benefits include […] Click to read more »

Further insight into NAAM Yoga and it’s daily benefits for happiness with Elena Vasilenka By Steve V. Rodriguez

    Progressive Pulse: In learning about the power of NAAM Yoga, I’ve heard there are many benefits that can actually help improve our health like improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. Can you elaborate on this? Elena Vasilenka: Yes, indeed, some of the benefits of Naam Yoga practice can be the improved circulation and […] Click to read more »

Elena Vasilenka: NAAM Yoga Therapies for Happiness

Daily Yoga practice that works with the breath to control your thoughts, which affect the way we think

          In her new DVD, “NAAM Yoga Therapies for Happiness”, Elena Vasilkenka instructs the viewer to perform 7 daily routines for each day of the week to help combat depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. The positive benefits also help to promote lasting health and happiness by activating the body’s natural […] Click to read more »