Bloody Mary Christmas Recipe by Grant Siefman

4 cups Diced tomato 1 cup tomato juice 1/4 cup Pomegranate Juice ¼ cup vegan soy sauce Juice of 2 limes 2 tablespoons fresh grated horseradish 2 tablespoons fresh grated ginger 1 jalepeno (leave seeds in) ½ tablespoon Celery seed Smoky salt and pepper to taste Blend all ingredients Add kettle one vodka or Victory […] Click to read more »

The Flavors and Essence of Rome are Alive in Brooklyn at Antica Pesa

It’s not often that you meet a restaurant owner in Rome and discover that he also has a spot in your home town.  Last Summer, I was encouraged to try Pierluigi in Rome, as it not only featured dining alfresco, but was supposed to have some of the best Roman food around. In fact, my […] Click to read more »

Focused American Cuisine and Whisky Bar make Neighborhood Restaurant, Maysville a Recipe for Success

There’s something great about having your neighborhood expand as outdated businesses are replaced with new bars and restaurants,  creating a local neighborhood worth inhabiting. Maysville in the Flatiron District, which takes it’s name from Kentucky, and is also the  birthplace for American Bourbon, may be the initial inspiration as more Americans are gravitating towards the […] Click to read more »

Seasonally Acute Cuisine, Inspired Design and a Convivial Environment Unite at Manon in NYC

Walking into Manon off of 14th Street in the heart of the Meatpacking harkens back to an earlier era when the Meatpacking was filled with late night eateries, lounges and reworked speakeasy’s that were exciting and played perfectly against the original intent of the neighborhood. Some argue that the neighborhood has shed a few layers […] Click to read more »

Mercado on Third and Fairfax is Continuing the Welcoming Trend for Rustic Yet Modern Mexican Cuisine in Los Angeles

  Mercado on Third and Fairfax, in Los Angeles is continuing the trend for rustic, modern and classic Mexican cuisine, in a city that has always embraced Mexican Food. What once was fun Mexican dives, with cheap margueritas, is now being replaced with classic renditions of Mexican dishes made with quality fresh ingredients, and excellent […] Click to read more »

Why you need to put Bordeaux, France on your travel radar Editorial & Photos Below By: Steve V. Rodriguez

I can honestly admit that I have come to a place in my life where I welcome the unknown and the surprises that await. By not expecting too much, I find that what is unveiled usually can be quite fulfilling in life. This past Summer my Editor and friend, Frank D. Pond and I were […] Click to read more »

Nutritional Sound Advice to Maximize Optimal Brain Function and Moods for Our Summer Lifestyle with Holistic Health & Nutrition Expert, Pegah Kadkhodaian

Professional holistic health and nutrition counselor and certified yoga instructor, Pegah Kadkhodaian, who is also a good friend of Progressive Pulse and who owns and operates PKNY Health,  shares with us valuable and savvy nutritional advice for our optimal Summer living, traveling and general well being. We asked Pegah to explain how nutrients affect our […] Click to read more »

Top 3 Restaurants to Dine at in San Juan, Puerto Rico By Steve V. Rodriguez & Frank D. Pond

I’m not quite sure what my co-editor and I were expecting on our first trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Of course we expected beautiful beaches and plenty of nightlife, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find a city full of vibrant cuisine, with some of the best and exceptional service. While that service extended […] Click to read more »

Top 3 Restaurants to Dine at in Maui, Hawaii for 2013

For all the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, when it comes to dining, Maui is the stand out leader for chef inspired cuisine, putting it on the map as a foodie destination. With a multitude of available fresh fish like Ono, seasonal and unique produce,  plus the beauty of island cuisine, that fuses sweet with […] Click to read more »