Keep Up Your Workouts this Summer While You Travel with the Rubber Band Workout

Okay, so you’ve been training hard since Winter, or at least Spring and you’re about to embark on your Summer vacation travel. Do you really want to find a gym while on vacation and spend time in there? On the other hand, you don’t want to lose all the gains you’ve made and throw it […] Click to read more »

The Top 3 Restaurants to Dine at in L.A. for 2013 By Steve V. Rodriguez

Los Angeles has really stepped up the caliber of restaurant cuisine in the last five years, backed by top name chefs like Mario Batali (Osteria Mozza, Hollywood), Tom Colicchio (Craft, Century City) and Nobu Matsuhisa (Nobu, West Hollywood). The current trend of restaurants are still featuring top chef names, fresh local ingredients and are spanning […] Click to read more »

Fiddleheads: Parte Due by Meera Kamra-Kelsey

Spring!  The time of year when I hunch over in my garden, straddling struggling seedlings, foraging and nipping off fiddleheads in early mornings.  Readers with good memories may recall my article, ‘Bites: The Fiddlehead’, that appeared in this fine magazine in June 2012.  Others can check out Progressive Pulse archives. A refresher:  Fiddleheads are un-unfurled […] Click to read more »

3-Minute Shoulder & Cardio Video Routine with José Fernández

  Jose Fernandez is back with another 3-Minute killer workout focusing on shoulders and cardio. The total shoulder workout will not only sculpt your muscles for Summer, but will raise your heart rate while you burn calories. Try this video workout anytime and anyplace and follow up with one of his two 3-minute killer ab […] Click to read more »

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, José Fernández is “Saving Lives” in his new book, “Salvando Vidas” Video Feature

Each day José Fernández is literally saving lives on his national Univision radio show as callers ask the nutritionist and fitness expert advice on how to eat right and stay active. In a recent visit, I was fortunate to sit in the Univision radio studion in Miami and witness first hand the lives Fernandez is saving. Callers […] Click to read more »

The Top 3 Restaurants to dine at in South Beach, Miami for 2013 By Steve V. Rodriguez & Frank D. Pond

Dining in South Beach, Miami reminds me of the restaurant scene in Los Angeles – ever evolving with constant grand openings,  and even more closings. What’s hot today is definitely not hot tomorrow. However, with a superfluous amount of cooking shows and celebrity chefs on the scene, dining folks have come to expect consistent and […] Click to read more »

Circuit Fitness Video for your Summer 2013 Body

Summer is just around the corner and with busy lives that we all lead, we’ve got the perfect circuit fitness video to train your entire body, that you can do anywhere and anytime. Trainers Alejandro Terrazas and Eric Bell Jr. of Unleash Fit, have devised a total body workout, comprised of 5-exercises that you’ll need […] Click to read more »

3-Minute Crazy Abs Video for Summer 2013 by Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández

Who doesn’t want crazy abs this Summer, or at least improve our mid-section for the season that awaits? Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, José Fernández is back with another 3-Minute Video routine to help strengthen our core that we can do anytime and anyplace. Fernandez recommends doing this 3-minute routine 2-3 times per week, while making sure […] Click to read more »