Yotel’s pod-like cabins are the perfect option for the urban traveler


Yotel Heathrow Airport

On a recent trip to London via JFK, I landed early and was a bit sleepy from catching up on too many flicks. I was happy to learn that Delta had partnered with Yotel, the Japanese inspired pod-like capsules that take the place of the traditional hotel. Started by Simon Woodroffe and Gerard Greene, the company launched in 2007 and recently they opened their first stand alone Yotel in New York City just west of Times Square. The Heathrow version provides frequent flyers with a perfect respite to nap, work, shower and get your news update on the built-in flat screen television inside your one-tier bunk. Each cabin provides a phone for calling the front desk for any of your needs.

In New York, Yotel has more of the modern amenities that would rival The Standard with the smallest cabins at 167 sqft and the largest VIP two cabin suite maxing at 1100 sqft. Four, the restaurant/event space in Yotel has been the host to recent fashion week presentations

Visit www.yotel.com