Smart Phone Gives Two Bay Area Filmmakers More Than 15 Minutes of Fame by Kevin M. Thomas

Patrick Gilles has dreams just like the rest of us. But his dream of making a movie has been realized and he is now basking in the limelight with his co-writer and co-director Hooman Khalili, a San Francisco radio personality.

This may end up being more than 15 minutes of fame as Gilles and Khalili have done something no filmmaker has done before – they filmed their first feature “Olive” entirely on a smart phone.

I sat down with Gilles at the Hotel Frank and discussed with him the challenges of making a movie on a smart phone and asked how the film can have a beautiful crispness on screen when the camera is a phone.

Click on the link below to also learn how they were able to get two time Academy Award nominee Gena Rowlands to star in this extremely low budget film.

Bay Area resident Gilles points out why the film cannot play at the Sundance Film Festival and instead is playing at Los Angeles’s Laemmle’s Fallbrook Theatre, released right in time to qualify for Oscar nominations. Check out show times at

Watch our interview and learn what will happen to “Olive” after it finishes its run at Laemmle Fallbrook 7 Theatre.

To learn more about “Olive” and to see the first five minutes of the film,  visit

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Progressive Pulse will follow up to find out when “Olive” makes it’s premiere in San Francisco and hits other major cities, so stay tuned.